Minish Maker

Current version: 0.6.0a


Minish Maker is a level editing suite for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It currently only runs on Windows platforms, but once the main feature set has been completed we plan to make a cross platform version. We support all regional variations of the game (EU, JP, US) but development has been focused on the EU version.
Main window of Minish Maker, showing a project loaded.


  • Map editing (background 1 and background 2)
  • Chest editing
  • Metatile editing
  • Area editing
  • Object placement editing
  • Warp editing

Download and Installation

You can download Minish Maker from our GitHub page. The latest release will be at the top of the page, and after the release notes you will see this panel below:
Note: the version number shown here may not be the same as yours
Make sure you download the zip file named MinishMaker, and not the zip files labelled 'Source code' (Unless you're interested in helping to develop Minish Maker, in which case look here!).


Once you've downloaded the zip, unzip it in whatever folder you want. Minish Maker currently functions as a portable app and can be run from most folders. Then double click Minish Maker.exe to run the program.
Note: On Windows 10, you may see this popup when attempting to run the program:
Pesky Windows, who does it think it is protecting you?!
This is normal, and appears because we can't afford to pay for a signing certificate. To run the program, click More info which will reveal the Run anyway button.
Once Minish Maker opens, you're good to go! Jump over to the Getting Started section of this guide.